About Impresair Environmental Corp

Since our establishment in 2000, we have been more than helpful to residential and commercial customers, and today, our licensed and insured business continues to deliver an outstanding set of services. Give our reliable asbestos testing specialists the chance to work for you, and you will be more than happy that you did!

Impresair Environmental Corp is your local source for information and we’re here to help with your residential asbestos, lead, mold, or demolition project. We can handle any project from arranging environmental testing, to filing permits, removal of asbestos, lead, or mold and gaining clearance.

Our company experience is second to none in the asbestos removal industry. We have wide range of combined experience ranging from on site supervision to analytical work totalling over 18 years; we work very closely with safety advisors and local authorities to ensure we are setting the highest standards possible.

Impresair Environmental Corp work very closely with our clients to ensure that we are ticking all the right boxes, from the start of the contract to the end …. and beyond. We ensure that there will be as little disruption as possible caused whilst we are carrying out our work, whether it be of one day, or one week, in duration.

Is it important to know about asbestos if it’s there?

The fast answer is yes. Asbestos has been directly and unquestionably linked to many cases of injury, sometimes death. The microfibers released by damaged asbestos materials are released into the air, and can be easily and unknowingly inhaled by anybody who is in your property.

These microfibers are breathed straight into the lung, causing scarring which, though only minor at first, grows over many years to the point where lungs are not able to function properly, relating in sickness and death. Thus, it should be removed at all costs.

Are you in the market, looking for a company that can detect and remove any asbestos present in your home and office? You have come to the right place because Impresair Environmental Corp is here to make everything alright again. Situated in Malden MA, we are the environmental service provider that will make sure your residence is safe.

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Health And Safety

We’ve developed and maintain precautions to control or eliminate risk with sound processes and procedures



We’ve many years of experience and enough manpower to handle whatever challenges your asbestos and demolition projects can throw us


Personal Service

Impresair Environmental genuinely care about the safety of your property, and the ongoing health of you, your family and the community.


100% efficient

Our methods for detection and removal are 100% efficient but because we always make an extra effort in our work.

Asbestos Removal Services

Nomatter the size of the building, the team at Impresair Environmental Corp can take care of all asbestos removal requirements our customers may have. All of our team members:

Many companies and individuals believe that they can appropriately identify and remove asbestos, however do so illegally as they are unlicensed, and are ultimately placing themselves, their employees and their customers at risk of asbestos damage.

If you have asbestos in your property, do it the right way the first time with the licensed experts at Impresair Environmental Corp.

Demolition Services

Many tradespeople offer demolition as a service that they provide, however do so unlawfully. Demolition, though it may seem opposite, is an intricate process, requiring much paper work with council, negotiation regarding salvaging, and specialized equipment and skilled labour in order to meet legal requirements.

When looking for demolition contractors, whether to leave the block clean for commercial development, for rebuilding a house, or for removing a damaged property, it is important to engage demolition contractors that:

750 Properties Treated
205 More than tons of asbestos
18 Years of experience

Let us make your space safe, whatever the problem;
we’ll cover all your asbestos and demolition needs.



Charlie H

A few months ago, I bought a used house that was cheap and decided to have it remodeled completely. I had big concerns about any asbestos being present and decided to look for a company that could check out everything for me and remove it, if present. Your experts delivered an outstanding array of services, and I am more than happy to have found you. Thank you for coming to my aid!

P. Morrison

I am impressed with the services of these guys. They did an outstanding job removing the asbestos from my home, and I would like to recommend them to those who need such services. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Gary McWhorter

The guys were very careful with our house. We hired them to remove asbestos pipe insulation in the basement. Awesome job from start to finish.